Erythrose can replace sugar and be used in candy, cakes and beverages according to normal production needs. The label indicates that it can be used as sugar free sweetener in the actual production of diabetic patients. The reference dosage for food is: chocolate, 43%; Gum, 64%; Jam and jelly, 40%; Flavored tomato sauce, 50% wood can also be used for condensed milk, Toffee jelly, etc. When used in pastries, it does not cause browning. When making pastries that require browning, a small amount of fructose can be added.

Erythrose is mostly white crystalline powder. It tastes refreshing and sweet, and is not easy to absorb moisture. It is relatively stable under high temperature, and has antioxidant, food sweetness, oral protection and other effects. 1. Antioxidant: Erythrose is a powerful antioxidant, which can effectively eliminate free radicals in the body and prevent free radicals from continuing to harm the body. This helps to prevent vascular damage caused by high blood sugar, and is also beneficial for skin health, which can delay aging. 2. Increase the sweetness of food: Erythrose is a sweetener, basically without any calories. Adding it to food can increase its sweetness, but it does not affect insulin or blood sugar levels. 3. Oral protection: Erythrose is low in calories, about 6%. And the molecules are very small, easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body, and will not be metabolized by enzymes. Its stability and tolerance are high, and it will not be utilized by oral bacteria, so it will not cause tooth damage and can reduce the growth of oral bacteria, effectively protecting oral health.