Canned products, carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, lactic acid drinks and other cool drinks and pickled products

1. Used in the food industry


Because citric acid has a mild and refreshing sour taste, it is widely used in the manufacture of various drinks, soda, wine, candy, Dim sum, biscuits, canned fruit juice, dairy products and other foods. Among all organic acid markets, citric acid has a market share of over 70%, and there is currently no acid flavoring agent that can replace citric acid. Monomolecular Water of crystallization citric acid is mainly used as an acidic flavoring agent for cool drinks, fruit juice, jam, fruit sugar, canned food, etc., and also as an antioxidant for edible oil. Simultaneously improving the sensory properties of food, enhancing appetite, and promoting the digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphorus substances in the body.


2. Used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and textile industries


Citric acid can be used as a chemical analysis reagent in chemical technology, as an experimental reagent, chromatographic analysis reagent, and biochemical reagent:


3. Used as a complexing agent and masking agent; Used to prepare a buffer solution. Using citric acid or citrate salts as cleaning aids can improve the performance of washing products, rapidly precipitate metal ions, prevent pollutants from re adhering to the fabric, and maintain the necessary alkalinity for washing; Disperse and suspend dirt and ash; Improving the performance of surfactants is an excellent integrating agent; Can be used as a reagent to test the acid resistance of architectural ceramic tiles.


Citric acid sodium citrate buffer is used for flue gas desulfurization. China is rich in coal resources, which constitute the main part of energy. However, there has been a lack of effective flue gas desulfurization processes, leading to serious atmospheric SO2 pollution. At present, China's annual SO2 emissions have reached nearly 40 million tons, and researching effective desulfurization processes is an urgent task. Because of its low Vapor pressure, non-toxic, stable chemical properties and high SO2 absorption rate, citric acid sodium citrate buffer solution is a valuable desulfurization absorbent.


4. Used for poultry and livestock production


Adding citric acid to piglet feed can lead to early weaning, increase feed utilization rate by 5% to 10%, and increase sow litter size. Adding 1% to 2% citric acid to the diet of growing and fattening pigs can increase daily weight gain, reduce feed to meat ratio, increase protein digestibility, reduce back fat thickness, and improve meat quality and cavity characteristics. Rare earth citrate is a new and efficient feed additive suitable for various animals such as pigs, chickens, fish, shrimp, cattle, sheep, rabbits, silkworms, etc. It has the characteristics of promoting animal growth, improving product quality, improving disease resistance and survival rate, increasing feed conversion rate, and shortening feeding cycle. At this point, we have to admit that citric acid has a wide range of uses.